Chris Evans says immigration debate difficult for Government!

Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evan has stated in one of his statements that various speculations on the matter of “immigration debate” is killing the government. Reports say that in one of his statements, one of his greatest breakdowns as a minister is his incapacity to handle the issues related with providing wrong information on the facet of immigration debate.

He said that the debate is not at all based on facts or real figures. Therefore it becomes our onus that the immigration debate should be cuddle with more and more facts in place of the claims which are made on issues like these.

There has been a lot of speculations and grapevine going, on the issue of immigration debate. He went on to say that he has acknowledged it over a period of time and on various incidents that it has been an arduous task for the government to handle this debate.

He also said that Julia Gillard after becoming the Prime Minister, made efforts to address this issue. She also took the chances to confront this issue and hold talks on it. The government requires a frank and candid debate on this issue.

Therefore more number of facts is required in immigration debate rather than going for speculations and debates. Since the time Julia Gillard has become the PM, the debate has changed substantially.

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