Man in WA’s Curtin Immigration Detention Centre Dies!

It has been confirmed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) that a man recently died in the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre which is located in the Western Australia.

The concerned male Afghan asylum seeker, aged 30, was found to be in an unconscious state after the staff of the centre tried to rescue him from his current state. All the essential measures to revive him were performed, but the same could not save him from meeting his ill-fate. The officials tried to make their last efforts by taking him to the Derby Hospital and then transferring him immediately to the Perth’s Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, but all went in vain. He collapsed on Saturday afternoon and met his death on Sunday afternoon.

The Department has not confirmed the reasons as to how he died and the reasons behind his unconscious state as the same are not confirmed as yet. No suspicious circumstances are speculated to be present at the venue or near him, the Department confirmed. Police officials are making a report for the coroner.

The incidents linked with Detentions Centers are increasing moment after moment. Serious investigations are required to peep inside the lives of asylum seekers who live in these crowded Detention Centers.

Also, government officials must do a thorough inspection of these centers to know what kind of treatment has been offered to the people.

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