Sri Lanka Suspends Withdrawal of On-Arrival Visa!

Sri Lanka has recently announced the suspension of its plans to scrap on-arrival visas for the citizens as well as tourists coming from various parts of the globe including US, Australia, Japan and Europe.

It was officially announced by the government that it would be suspending the landing endorsements and the decided date of its suspension was kept 30th of the month of September. Immigration experts had a view that the earlier move of withdrawal of On-Arrival visa would hamper the island’s image and would diploid its tourism industry in a major way.

According to immigration controller W.A.C. Perera, a notice has been issued regarding the taking-off of on-arrival visa. And the policy is considered suspended until any further notice is not given in this regard. The government has not given any other follow-up statement after confirming the suspension of withdrawal of On-Arrival Visa.

Perera also confirmed that those visiting the country would be speculated to get their visas from a Sri Lankan mission abroad prior to their arrival to Sri Lanka. But as far as the tourists who come from Singapore and Maldives are concerned, they are relieved from this restriction as tourists from these nations are given grant Sri Lankan passport holders visa on arrival.

The final word to make the rules stringent earlier came into effect when their wears fears of the attacks from Tamil Tiger rebels.

In addition, the country is looking forward to enhance its tourism industry, doubling the number of tourists intending to come to the island to 600,000.

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