Man to be Deported Back to Canada!

Donald Roy Fehr, alleged with a number of criminal offenses is going to be deported to Canada by the United States. The man had arrived the US from Canada lawfully about fourteen years ago. Since, he is convicted of several wrongdoings, he was asked to leave the nation. He was awarded with that decision by a judge during an Immigration Court hearing on May 24.

Currently, the man is in the United States, and he is slated to leave the nation by June 9. His deportation order was based on the rule that any outsider can be deported from the US, if he indulges in offenses like protection orders violations, as well as other convictions. In the year 2008, Fehr was found guilty at the Lincoln County Justice Court for abusing his wife. Later, his wife received an order of protection against the convicted that year only.  In September last year, the lady received an order of protection for the second time against Fehr.

The Lincoln County District Court again found the man guilty of committing similar offenses, as well as violating the law later on. It was being said that Fehr had a connection with an anti-government league. Reportedly, many agencies, including the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol; the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office; the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office united to investigate the Fehr’s involvement in the anti-government activities.

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