What May Affect Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018?

Canada is one country on this planet that offers tremendous opportunities to everyone. It is proud of its immigrant friendly environment and warm hospitality. Potential immigrants cannot wait to get the Canadian Visa and often ask ‘how long will it take’.

Everyone wants to know what will be the Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018. To make things simple and easy here is the blog on the subject. We have gathered all the information one needs to know about the Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018and so keep reading!

But before we talk about Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018, let’s figure what is Express Entry?

It is the nation’s most popular immigration system and under it potential applicants can get Canada PR Visa in just six months. Eligible applicants have to create an online profile and send their Expression of Interest (EoI) under one of the four Federal programmes managed by the EE.

Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018

On merit basis participants compete with others and only the highest ranking applicants get an ITA to apply for the PR visa under the Express Entry 2018. Since the system was formed in 2015 most of the immigrants these days immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry.

Canada Express Entry Processing Time 2018

It’s hard to wait for the dream visa, the Express Entry follows strict processing period. Generally, your Express Entry profile is valid for one year in the Express Entry pool, after the duration it will expire. During the one year period your profile will be compared as many times as the draw takes place.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not count the processing time from the day Express Entry profile is created or the EOI is submitted. Instead the processing time is calculated from the day the immigration department receives the complete visa application with all the required documents to the Invitation to Apply is given.

For those who have less knowledge about the subject the Canada Express Entry Programme is an electronic system. Candidates are selected from the Express Entry pool on merit basis. The IRCC is committed to process the visa application within just six months.

However, certain circumstances may affect the application processing time.  Time period mentioned is not guaranteed, and IRCC has the right to change the processing period without any notice whatsoever. And so the Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018 may not be the same for everyone.  

What may have an impact on the Canada Express Entry Processing Time in 2018?

The major cause of the delay of your application is in-complete application. The IRCC processes only complete application and if the applicant fails to submit complete application with all the required documents and information, the application will be considered as incomplete and put on hold.

So far the IRCC has not given any indication if the processing time period will change in the ongoing year and applicants are quite happy the way applications are being processed.

However, the system has also been criticized by some as they are in the EE pool for long due to the low CRS score claiming that the IRCC has unnecessary delayed their application.

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