Ontario Immigration Rocketing Post Lengthy Drop

The Canadian Province of Ontario is again the center of attraction for the new immigrants what with most new migrants to the country deciding to settle here. The province’s strong economy & federal amendments to immigrant selection requirements seem to be behind the increase in its appeal.

Yes, as per a report, the province is witnessing a revival of sorts as the place to be at for immigrants, in the wake of a more than decade-long crash in its stake of newcomers to the Maple Leaf Country!

As per the information that we have on the subject, the figure of the permanent residents, living in Ontario, recovered to 111,925, or 39% of the 286,480 fresh arrivals to the nation in 2017, from a low of 95,828, or 36.8% of the 260,411 in 2014. Earlier, as high as 50% of the new entrants settled in the province.

The huge majority of the province’s newcomers — 85,500 in 2017 — settled in the Greater Toronto Area, which witnessed a rise of 5.4% from two years before.

This past January alone, the province, reportedly, welcomed 10,870 new permanent residents, and this is up 48.6% from 7,315 in the parallel time-frame in 2017 even as the stake of Greater Toronto stood at 8,600, 57.2% higher, vis-à-vis January 2017.

As per some observers on the subject, the immigration bump in the GTA and Ontario seems to be thanks to the economic slump seen in Alberta, which witnessed immigrant arrivals nose-dive to 42,100 during the year gone by, from 49,200 in 2016, with its national share heading south to 14.7% from 16.3%. The new crash for Alberta, reportedly, comes post 10 years in which its share of immigrants jumped rather radically, from less than 10% earlier.

The immigration share of B.C. has steadied at roughly 13.5% during the previous three years, post a fixed drop from its peak of 17.8% 10 years back. As in 2008, at 18.3%, last year, the Canadian Province of Quebec which, reportedly, runs its own visa system and chooses its own immigrants had precisely the identical share. Immigration to the remaining parts of the nation adds up to only less than 15% of the combined total.

Allegedly, Ontario particularly the Greater Toronto region is yet again the place to be at for the fresh visitors even as both Alberta and B.C. are not performing nicely. While in Alberta, the economy is not good; in B.C., it is not easy to locate a reasonable place for residence purposes.

Greater Toronto is still the historic lodestone for immigrant settlement.

The supremacy of Ontario as the centre of nation’s immigration had been threatened under the previous federal Conservative administration as the province witnessed its portion of immigration reportedly decrease considerably, from its record high of 53.6% during 2005, when 140,528 out of the 262,243 fresh entrants chose Ontario to settle.

During the years post that in an effort to motivate the new entrants to settle outside of the big three immigration gateway cities, namely, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver the Stephen Harper Administration promoted the regionalization of immigration.

Allegedly, the target behind the move was to spread the economic gains & population diversity uniformly through the nation, and lessen the weight exerted by immigrant settlement on the infrastructure of the big Canadian cities.

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