McDonnell Seeks Approval for Virginia State Immigration Law!

Presently one of the most controversial issues in the United States is of Virginia State Immigration Law which is receiving criticism from all over the nation. But Governor Bob McDonnell is growing impatient and recently asked the federal government in a formal way to allow the police officers of Virginia State to exercise the new immigration laws.

McDonnell has asked the Secretary of Homeland Security to grant him the approval to expand the 278(g) program. Under this program, state police will receive training which would enable them to identify illegal immigrants. This would also provide them with legal authority from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to freely exercise the immigration law. The purpose of this law is to improve the safety of people, border security and lower the crime of illegal immigration within the country.

But some analysts are not too much in favor of McDonnell’s appeal for the enforcement of the law as they believe that this would only going to make the things worse because the issue is already attracting much controversy. The environment is much tensed and under such conditions, it would be difficult to accept the request of McDonnell. If accepted, this could have serious consequences. Under this law, police officials will have the authority to stop and check the immigration status of the people. Other localities such as Prince Williams, Frederick county and Manassas are using 287(g) program.

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