Rising Demand for Immigration Reform with no Conclusion!

It is nothing new for the Congress not exactly working with the current state of economy in the nation. At the same time, it is quite unexpected for the majority of the public as well the elites in DC who want some form of legislation to be passed now, when it come to immigration. The main reasons behind this can be considered as the increase in the number of votes from the Latino, the new immigration law in Arizona and so on. These factors have definitely created an environment for the public to speak out.

59% of the general population expects to see action when it comes to reform which is meaningful and another 76% of the DC elites expect the same. More so, this reform is expected from both the Democrats and independents with 61% from both the ends approving of a bill to be passed. To this, 59% of the Republicans agree as well.

The above can also be presented in view of the voters not being happy with the healthcare bill, the way that the Congress is going on and above all, the reaction of the government. More so, it can also be said any form of compromise has also been eluded despite the promises that have been made by the Bush administration as well as the present Obama administration.

It can also be said that the bipartisanship has been broken with no success in forming new immigration legislation for more than a decade now. If looked into the past, even President Clinton had brought about welfare reform as well as a balanced budget but then when it came to immigration reform, it was limited. This limited reform catered to building the fence at the border as well as granting citizenship for some.

Post the above reform, nothing concrete took place. More so, all attempts in this regard could not be exactly formulated. The Republican right expect tough measures to be taken against those who are living illegally in the nation. At the same time, this does not mean a path to citizenship has to be created for such residents. On the other hand, the left does not approve of the crackdowns as suggested by the right and prefers a process which is automatic when it comes to citizenship. With no compromise to be taking place, as of now no president has been able to take any conclusive action in this regard.

All in all, immigration is one such issue which is only possible to resolve with an approach which is centrist in nature. More so, this approach can bring about both the moderate Democrats as well as the Republicans to a compromise or a bargain with respect to all the key issues.

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