Mechanical Engineers, Use FSW Program 2014 for Canada Immigration!

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa is designed for skilled professionals with desired skills, qualifications, and experience to fill skill shortages in the country. Under the FSW Program, skilled workers can apply for permanent residency (PR) even as they will be assessed on the basis of their education, work experience, knowledge of English or French language, age, and arranged job.

Main features of visa under FSW program 2014

  • It gives you liberty to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country with a lucrative job offer
  • Eligible applicants can work without any restrictions in any territory or province, except Quebec
  • After spending three years in the ‘land of opportunity’, the skilled professional can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Once you are provided a Canadian Passport and Citizenship, you can easily travel to many countries in the world without a visa
  • You can also sponsor your immediate family and relatives to join you in the country
  • Canadian permanent residences include access to government subsidized education and healthcare facilities
  • They benefit from unrestricted access to the nation’s labor market and associated insurance and pension schemes

This takes us to the title! Mechanical Engineers (NOC 2132) are presently wanted in the county under the FSW Program 2014. So those who are skilled and eager to migrate to the country can submit their petitions. The time is perfect for the object.

Work Profile

These professionals conduct research, design and develop machinery and systems for heating, ventilating and air conditioning, power generation, transportation, processing and manufacturing. They also undertake duties related to the evaluation, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems. These experts are employed by consulting firms, by power-generating utilities, and in a wide range of manufacturing, processing and transportation industries. They may also be self-employed.

Key Duties

  • Perform research into the feasibility, design, operation, and act of mechanisms, components and systems.
  • Plan and administer projects, and get ready material, cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications for machinery & systems.
  • Design power plants, machines, parts, tools, fixtures and tools.
  • Study dynamics & vibrations of mechanical systems and structures.
  • Direct and examine the installation, alteration, and commissioning of mechanical systems at the sites of construction, or in industrial facilities.
  • Develop maintenance standards, schedules and programs and give direction to industrial maintenance crews.
  • Probe mechanical failures or unanticipated maintenance issues.
  • Get ready contract documents and assess tenders for industrial construction or maintenance.
  • Administer technicians, technologists and other engineers and evaluate and approve designs, calculations and cost estimates.

Basic Requirements

A two years bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or in any other related Engineering discipline or else a two years Master’s, or Doctorate Degree in an associated Engineering discipline is needed. To practice as a Professional Engineer Licensing from a provincial or territorial association of professional Engineers is needed.

Occupational Titles

Acoustics engineer
Automotive engineer
Design engineer – mechanical
Energy conservation engineer
Engineer, power generation
Fluid mechanics engineer
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineer
Mechanical engineer
Mechanical maintenance engineer
Nuclear engineer
Piping engineer
Refrigeration engineer
Robotics engineer
Thermal design engineer
Tool engineer

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