Skilled Petroleum Engineers Wanted Under Canada FSW Program 2014

Canada wants skilled Petroleum Engineers and that’s official. Skilled aspirants can apply under the Code 2145 and via the FSW Program 2014. These professional conduct studies for the exploration, development and extraction of oil and gas deposits, plan, design, develop and supervise projects for the drilling, completion, testing and re-working of oil and gas wells. They are employed by petroleum producing companies, consulting companies, well logging or testing companies, government, and research and educational institutions.

The Maple Leaf Country has one of the largest oil reserves globally and to take care of one of the largest oil reserves, a large number of professionals are required. The nation’s thriving oil market has given birth to the demand of Petroleum Engineers. The job requirements are accurate. These professionals require a mechanical aptitude and a sharp ability to quickly resolve problems.
Occupational Titles

Drilling engineer, oil and gas
Petroleum engineer
Petroleum engineer, completion
Production engineer, oil and gas
Reservoir engineer, petroleum
Sub sea engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform feasibility evaluation studies for developing new oil and gas fields
  • Direct and monitor oil and gas drilling operations
  • Develop drilling programs, choose sites and specify drilling fluids, bit selection, drill stem testing procedures and equipment
  • Direct and scrutinize the completion and appraisal of wells, well testing and well surveys
  • Design and select artificial lift machinery, and well and surface production equipment and systems, and specify programs for corrosion control and oil or gas treatment
  • Develop specifications for and monitor and supervise well modification and stimulation programs to maximize oil and gas recovery
  • Investigate reservoir rock and fluid data to design optimum recovery methods and to predict reservoir performance and reserves
  • Monitor and forecast oil and gas reservoir output and counsel oil recovery methods which improve the economic life of wells
  • Design, develop and synchronize the installation, maintenance and operation of subsea well-head and production tools.
  • Petroleum engineers may specialize in drilling, production, reservoir analysis, or subsea operations.

The aspirants should have at least a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or in any related engineering discipline. Master’s or doctorate degree in a related engineering discipline is substantial. To practice as a professional engineer, and to get your engineering drawings and reports approved, you require a Licensing by a provincial or territorial association.

For the aspirants eager to immigrate to Canada, the FSW Program 2014 has proved as a blessing. In spite of economic slowdown, Canada is recruiting 1000 Petroleum Engineers.

To be eligible, you require a year of demonstrated work experience in relevant field. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of old point based system. Those who fail to make through FSW program will be informed by the CIC but their processing fees will not be refunded.

Although the processing of FSW program is easy, it is advisable to consult a Canada Immigration expert before submitting your application. A single loophole can either make or break your future.

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