Medical Conditions that are inadmissible for Canadian Visa

Medical Conditions that are inadmissible for Canadian Visa

While applying for a Canadian visa, an applicant needs to fulfill some specific terms and conditions. One of the primary criteria is the health condition of the individual traveling to Canada. A person who fails to meet Canadian medical test requirements shall be barred from entering the country. Being medically unfit has as much potential to cause visa rejection as a criminal background or financial incompetency.

Most of the medical issues that are inadmissible in Canada are the ones that are infectious and put Canadians’ health and well-being at risk, namely –

  • Untreated Syphilis
  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Untreated Mental Health Issues
  • Substance Abuse

The serious medical issues are significant enough to deny your visa and cannot be altered with excess financial resources. The applicant will notice Canada’s inadmissibility about health conditions with sixty days to respond to this notice to counter the decision.

Canadian Immigration authorities thoroughly examine the applicant’s health condition. They can reject a visa if they figure out that a person’s medical condition will put an excessive burden upon the Canadian health or social services. The applicant is inadmissible if-

  • He/she requires more access to medical and social services as compared to the average Canadian over five years; or
  • The medical issues can lead to increased wait times for Canadians to have access to their health and social services

Overall, the immigration authorities shall weigh the risk of allowing an individual with medical conditions to impact Canada’s health sector and ensure that the residents’ health is not compromised. One of the many reasons people migrate to Canada is its indelible commitment to their health and safety.

Despite these conditions, an individual may be allowed to enter Canada on valid humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Suppose the reason to travel to Canada is more significant than the underlying medical conditions of the applicant. In that case, they will grant permission to travel to Canada under Temporary Resident Permit. It demonstrates the values upon which Canadian Immigration operates.

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