Kamala Harris on revamped US Immigration Agenda

Kamala Harris on revamped US Immigration Agenda

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris spoke on how the latest administration will reduce wait times to procure citizenships, approve automatic green cards to protect undocumented immigrants, and pull in more immigration judges to reduce court hearings’ backlogs.          

When she addressed Univision’s Ilia Calderón, she gave a sneak peek at how she and President-elect Joe Biden’s administration plans on introducing a sweeping U.S. immigration reform bill. This Bill will be a welcome respite to the U.S. visa scene, as green cards will be immediate to those migrants protected by the Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policies.

Also, she spoke about how they would shorten the duration of time required to get U.S. citizenship straight from 13 years to a minimum of eight years. They would achieve this by making the procedure for naturalization more efficient. Speaking of her legislative plans, she went ahead and said, “It’s a smarter and much more humane way of approaching immigration.” She also emphasizes adding more judges to de-clutter the immense backlog of cases related to immigration.

These comments of Harris came in before a group of undocumented activists from across the country were planning to ally with local faith leaders in Wilmington, Del, to fix a meeting with Joe Biden. They plan to coax him “to make good on his campaign promises, and to act when he takes office next week to protect families,” as stated by the advocates.

These immigrants organized by a group known as RAICES and the Immigrant Justice Network have not received any response to their requests for a transition team meeting. However, they are hoping that Joe Biden would go beyond his promise for a temporary moratorium on deportations and the quick taking back of some rules and executive orders passed during the Trump administration with relation to U.S. visa of immigration.

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