Medical Requirements of Canada Permanent Residence Application!

The Medical Exam requirement for your Canada immigration applications is imminent and you must the little intricacy involved. Medical requirement becomes more important if you are applying for Permanent Residency of Canada.

Subjected to your Canada immigration application and details provided, you may have to undertake a medical exam. Usually, permanent residents of Canada have to pass a medical requirement exam to ensure that your health is not dangerous to the Canadian public or will not impose an excessive medical demand over health and social services of Canada. The medical exam constraints include autism, learning disabilities and rest circumstances that may entail additional medical care or social services. After submitting your Canada visa application, you may receive directives on medical exam undertaking.

Deadline for Canada Visa Application Medical Exam:

After successful medical examination you will be issued your medical examination report which will be valid for next 12 months. If your medical examination report has lapsed the specified date then you will required undergoing again. You have to visit medical practitioners or doctors approved by CIC for Canadian Immigration or Canadian permanent residency.

Rest Information regarding Canada Immigration Medical Exam:

After your medical examination, you will not be informed by the doctor of the medical exam result except any serious health problem investigated requiring medical attention immediately. The practitioner will not give any pass-fail medical result to you; instead he is responsible to pass the information to CIC office and CIC will take the final decision depending on your medical exam. You will be provided in written if there is any problem regarding your health.

Permanent residency application medical requirements and rules are more stringent and differ to temporary residents, students or visitors’ regulations. If you are still puzzled about the medical requirement of Permanent residency of Canada, consult with an expert Canada Immigration and Visa Company to know all the details and guide you through out the Canada immigration process.

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