Telecommunications Network Engineer Occupation in Australia!

According to the latest list of Australian skilled occupation, the country is in need of various categories of skilled workers. Telecommunications network engineer is one of those demanding skilled occupations. If you are presently working as a telecommunications network engineer in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, then you can easily apply for this engineering occupation.

This particular occupation of engineering is on the list of State Sponsorship for more than one Australian states or territories. The qualification required for this skilled profession commensurate with a graduate degree or higher level of skill.  However, in some occupations, on job training or relevant work experience may require with formal qualification.

According to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, the level of skill, required for each occupation is consistent. However, it may differ from the requirements determined by the skills assessing authorities. By contacting the relevant assessing body for your nominated profession, you can actually check on their requirements.

The skills assessment authority for telecommunications network engineer is Engineers Australia. This skill assessing body will evaluate your skills before you migrate to Australia.

As Australian skilled immigration is a points-test based process, therefore in order to claim points for your qualifications and work experience in your nominated, at first you have to forward your relevant credentials to your significant authority for skills assessment.

On the basis of all your submitted documents, the assessment authority will advice the Immigration and Citizenship Department on your qualifications and work experience. While awarding points for your qualifications and work experience, the department will take into consideration the advice by skills assessing body.

Once you will be qualified for the occupation of telecommunications network engineer in Australia, then you have to perform certain very essential duties, such as: planning, designing, and monitoring complex networks of telecommunications along with associated broadcasting equipment.

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