Merit Based Immigration System Color Blind, Claims US White House Secretary

Are You Skilled, Have Job & Know English? Trump Wants You!

Offering insight into the planned merit-based structure that may, allegedly, prove fairly useful for the migrants from some specific nations–such as India–a leading official in the Trump Government has reportedly stated that the Donald Trump is keen to allow entry to the migrants, who are skilled, have the necessary talent, and who can converse in the English language.

Donald Trump–the in-office US President–has been championing the merit-based immigration structure to cut down the general immigration to the US. Allegedly, the Trump administration believes that a merit-based immigration scheme would allow admission to the cream of the global migrants while it nearly shuts down the doors of the country for the unlawful migrants.

Reportedly, Trump is also keen to end the diversity lottery visa and chain migration, allegedly, to improve the present immigration arrangement followed by the country.

USA Immigration Visa
USA Immigration Visa

And given this, the US stand is that an approach that selects individuals on the basis of their individual skills and merit will surely lead to improved results, vis-à-vis the system the nation follows at present, the official reportedly added.

He further stated that the government is keen to bring in the people; it hardly matters where they are from, who love America, who adore its residents, who have expertise, who have talent, who use the English language, and who are dedicated to supporting the unique American values, and the nation’s way of life. Those people may come from any region of the world, if they cater to the conditions, he added.

He stressed that in case such a policy is successfully developed and executed, it may prove rather beneficial for the individuals from nations such as India–most of who fulfill the requirements.

The official also underlined that the incumbent government is interested to restructure the immigration system, to serve the country’s national interest, adding that a few of the present schemes for the immigrants overlooked such conditions which are crucial for the people to do well in the US.

Meanwhile, echoing a similar feeling and in a related development, the incumbent White House Press Secretary has reportedly informed that Trump is pushing for a merit-based arrangement regardless of the nation, religion and background of a candidate.

She added that though the president is keen to welcome the immigrants from the world over, he is interested to it via a merit-based approach.

Throwing more light on the subject, she reportedly added that by description a merit based system is color blind. The same is not based on any of those requirements–it’s not based on race, religion or country of origin. The same is fundamentally based on the facts of whether or not an individual can make a handy contribution to the society.

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