How To Fill US Electronic Visa Online!

US Electronic Visa Online

Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), guided and regulated by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) manages Travel Visa to the US. However, the entry of the immigrants on the Electronic Visa is not determined by ESTA, rather, the US Custom and Border Officers will determine the immigrants entering the nation on such visa. The responsibility of the ESTA officials is to collect the bio-graphic information and the VWP’s eligibility questions.

For the Travel Visa or Electronic Visa, all the applicants must fill in duly their DS-160 form electronically. The DS-160 form must be duly filled in by the applicants individually. In a way, it is meant that children will have to fill a separate DS-160 form and so do the adults. At the time of filling up the DS-160 form, it is mandatory for the candidates to note that information shared on the form must be legal and binding. Any false information, if represented at any point of time, will amount to rejection, and at time serious penal actions would be taken against the applicant.

US Electronic Visa Online
US Electronic Visa Online

Guidelines for Electronic US Visa Form


In the form, the applicants must be asked to the interview embassy or consulate availed for. At the beginning of the form, you are asked to mention the consulate or Embassy; it should be same in the body content of the form.


It is obligatory to fill in the application form in English Language. No other language other than English would be accepted. However, in some areas, you might have the discretion and privilege to fill in the name in your mother tongue or first language.


For applicants who are filling in the application form and they stop for more than 20 minute, in such time, the session will expire. However, you can record the application number ID. Once you fill in the Application Number ID on the blank side of the computer screen to the right, your previous form would be presented in the manner you left it.


The DS-160 form will generate an Alphanumeric Bar Code that you need to take it to the embassy at the time of the application.


After the print of the “Bar Code Page”, you can send a replica of the form on your e-mail ID and close the application window.

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