Merit-based Immigration on Trump’s Radar

People who can help America become strong and great again are welcome in the US, this is what the incumbent US President has reportedly claimed recently. Donald Trump has been urging for the merit-based immigration arrangement, of which people from some nations such as India may be a key recipient, allegedly, to cut down overall movement to the US.

Stressing the importance of the merit-based policy recently, Trump reportedly stated that such a system will permit only those having “great track record”, to gain admission into the nation. After a few days later he repeated his backing for the merit-based immigration arrangement, which, to quote him, will take America to the “next level”. He added that he favored safety & security of the nationals, and also an end to the “massive” influx of drugs into the country.

Merit-based Immigration on Trump’s Radar

Trump also reportedly proclaimed that there will not be any more the Diversity Lottery Visa. For those not tuned in, the decades-old diversity lottery visa structure provided Green Cards to the individuals from the nations from where people would usually not make the cut to land in the US, via a merit-based structure.

Coming back to the President’s proclamations, he reportedly said that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is perhaps no more. Attacking the opposition, he added that the DACA is possibly dead. He also claimed that the Democrats were not in its favor, what they favored was just talking and taking the badly needed funds away from the US armed services.

He also pressed for shutting down the chain migration—allegedly, the quickest and most stress-free manner to get lawful admission into the US, via sponsorship from a family member who already has the nation’s lawful residency or citizenship.

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