Number of Migrants Working on 457 Visas in Western Australia Head North

As it is too well known, a large number of the overseas workers have continued to move to the largest state of Australia, i.e., Western Australia. They have been using the 457 temporary work visas duly sponsored by the national job-providers from the construction and mining industries–to positively address the issue of severe skills scarcity plaguing the region currently.

Available immigration numbers reveal that the number of permits offered to such workers from abroad going to the mentioned Australian state has swelled by a staggering 88%, in the process, becoming 13,250 during the initial 10 months of the current financial year. Besides, 90% of the workers shifting to the state, using the 457 visas, happen to be managers, professionals or trained trades person, with a sizable section of them going for work purposes in the mining and construction industries.

Reportedly, while Britain is the largest source of the overseas workers in the said state; the US, the Philippines, and Ireland follow Britain. And, some of the well-liked vocations include, among others, geologists, mining engineers, drillers and metal fitters. A growth of 73% has also been registered in the number of the 457 permits offered to such workers in the Australian province of Queensland. Till date, this year, 9,300 permits have already been offered there to the interested people.

Thanks to its skills scarcities, the requirement for labor has been robust across the Western Australia state, vis-à-vis other regions of the country. A size able section of the available openings in the region happen to be from construction or mining industries. But, as they are primarily situated in remote and often inaccessible places, the classic case of labor gaps becoming wider and bigger day-by-day has been duly noted and brought to light.

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