Social Insurance Number Card to be phased out – an announcement by Canadian government

The government of Canada came with a new announcement of phasing out the SIN (Social Insurance Number Card), to prevent the identity stolen and save hard-earned money of the citizens and immigrants of the country. A number of Canadian citizens, both permanent and temporary citizens, who have been issued the plastic SIN card – necessary to work in Canada and avail the benefits of several programs run in the country by the government.

Issued with the nine-digit number, the Canadian SIN card is a much necessary for every citizen of the country to have, and used by the country official to track the exact income owed by an individual. Besides, the valuable SIN number is also used to find out the taxes that an individual tends to pay.

As per the new announcement – those citizens, who will be issued a fresh SIN number, will also be entitled to receive a letter from the government to recognize their SIN from the finalized schedule of March 2012 – the plastic card will be rolled back by the time.

“Our new step is aimed to provide a better security to the citizens and immigrants of Canada by protecting their personal information as well as better chance of saving their hard-earned money,” stated Diane Finley, Human Resource Minister.

Rising a number of cases of identity theft – prompted the Canadian government to take an action to restrict such irresistible act. On the other side, the government has also warned that the card holders are at their own risk in case of identity theft or if card being found in any forgery activities.

Describing the plastic SIN card that doesn’t have any security feature, the Department Security Officer and Director General in Human Resources Development Canada, Peter Boyd revealed, “Being just a simple plastic card, there is no security mechanism inserted into the card.”

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