Migrate to Canada through Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program!

As it is too well known, the administration of the Canadian province of Alberta and the national immigration body of Canada, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), together manage and run a scheme, called the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. It aims to boost economic development in the province in which the aliens enact a key role.

The USP of the plan is that it enables family members, such as the mate, dependent kids, & common law partners of the chosen aliens, to file a petition for the cherished permanent residence status. The aspirant may file a petition, via either qualified or semi-qualified class. He may also submit a petition on his own, or with a recruiter’s support.

However–those who are School Teachers at Elementary and Secondary state– would lack the qualification to submit a submission.  Sportspersons, Clergies, or even seekers of asylum would also not be entitled to file a petition, via the said class. A provisional overseas employee residing in any other region other than Alberta is also not qualified to submit a submission. Live-in care providers also do not have the right to file a petition through the given immigration plan.

Vocations legal under Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

  • An impermanent worker from abroad doing a job in a qualified engineering occupation is entitled to present petition via the class.
  • A migrant with a Post-Graduation Work Visa may also submit a petition, if he is doing a job in the province.
  • The aliens–who have been proffered a permanent employment opportunity from a local recruiter—also have the power to file a petition. One may file a petition, as a trained worker or a semi-trained employee, on the basis of his specific skills & credentials.
  • The aspirants, who are ready to establish a farm in the region, may be qualified, in case they have the needed experience in farm administration & possess adequate assets for it.

Petition Success Rate

The rate of success, or otherwise, of a petition mainly depends on the requirements of the labor market & even the number of submissions fittingly presented. An applicant ought to know that the scheme could discontinue admitting petitions at its good judgment even minus giving any intimation.

The submissions could be dismissed for the classes which do not find mention in the list, and for it, no clarifications and/or information could be expected. A candidate should also know that even in case they fulfill every condition they may not be deemed qualified.

The Immigrant Nominee Program for Alberta is tailored to boost the region’s economy. As mentioned before, it’s a scheme which is jointly run and managed by both Alberta & Canada. An alien who is already present in the region may present a submission, via both skilled & semi-skilled classes.

Canada immigration inspired overseas workers can migrate to the Canadian province of Alberta, via both semi skilled and skilled categories, and much more importantly, under the famous Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

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