Britain Eases Permit Laws, India Gains

During the last couple of months, London has been reportedly making major moves in easing permit laws to underline itself as a destination wide open for business. Of late, the UK Home Department has declared that from 2014 there will be no requirement of permits for the guests from the nations of Oman, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), not to mention Qatar, to gain admission into the nation.

During the past some months, India also has been a party to an increased British curiosity to inspire Indian migrants to England. In the month of November, 2013, the current UK Premier, in the wake of his official trip to India, decided to remove the divisive permit bond plan, via which migrants from some nations, comprising India, had to present a financial bond, prior to obtaining a permit.

Besides, there have been a couple of other important steps that the UK’s Home Department has come up with in India. For example, on December 9, the body introduced the passport pass back scheme for the very 1st time in the southern part of the country, i.e., India. The proposal enables the aspirants from this part of the world to carry their passports with them, even as their UK permit is under process. The development will prove quite useful for business travelers, or so it is claimed.

Further, the start of the year witnessed the British parliamentarians introducing many important measures which aimed to check & curb, even if indirectly, the arrival of students and employees, particularly from some nations of South Asia, like China & India. However, at the present, the British Immigrations Ministry is once more easing the requirements to inspire more guests to the nation’s shores.

The said body has also been making sincere efforts to egg-on the Chinese migrants. Sometime earlier during the month of October, London stated that the permit submissions for the travelers from China entering the nation will be made relatively easier & trouble-free. It had proclaimed that there won’t be any requirement from the Chinese migrants–making a trip to the EU–to present individual UK permits petitions, in case they register with chosen travel consultants.

As per some news reports, a steady decline has been noticed even as the same has sent alarm bells ringing in the British government. Post the Chinese; it seems to be the turn of the Indian students, who wish to migrate to Britain, for pursuing higher studies. Reports suggest that currently the UK boasts of nearly 40,000 Indian students on its soils.

The steps are part of the concentrated endeavors of the British Immigration Ministry to restructure and improve the immigration regulations, in an effort to relax the curbs experienced by business guests and firms which bring overseas manpower into the nation. Some observers believe that global students are also likely to gain from the events.

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