UK PM Criticized Over Efforts to Limit Immigration

The incumbent UK premier’s latest plans on immigration seem to have not gone down too well with many and these are being termed as risky political maneuvering what with the European Union (EU), even as his own coalition associates have censured him over the issue. Recently, the deputy premier issued a warning that he would not put up with any additional checks on immigration from inside the Union.

The recent disagreement arrives as nationals from Romania & Bulgaria are on the verge of obtaining parallel rights to do a job in the EU much like the citizens of other member nations, despite the fact that their countries became a part of the union during 2007.

The national news media, besides the UK Independence Party chiefs, have issued a warning of a big flood of migrants from Bulgaria & Romania, who, they allege, will snatch jobs from the nationals, and make efforts to take advantage of the national social benefits arrangement even as they devastate the national budget, apart from the National Health Service.

Even as researches reveal that actually previous immigrants more often than not fill jobs spurned by the UK citizens, & add much more in taxes than what they really gain in social services, the subject continues to be rather sensitive at a time where growth is not too impressive or fast, unemployment is widespread, and the nationals are grumbling about the unbearable high living expenses–more so power & accommodation costs.

The PM has reportedly stated that he is keen that the law gets a green signal, prior to the year’s closure to ban fresh visitors from making the cut for out-of-work benefits, for the initial three months. The current home secretary, proposed the idea of a limit of 75,000 per annum on fresh guests from the EU, only to draw condemnations from the concerned EU authorities & the Liberal Democrats.

Lately, the premier’s 2010 electoral promise to decrease immigration drastically invited widespread condemnation. It is claimed that the checks may harm the national economy by over 10% by 2060 & that having not many young visitors would boost the expenses of caring for the aged. Reportedly, the PM is being subjected to mounting criticisms not only from the national Independence Party & its chief, but also from a deeply anti-European section from his own political outfit.

In the backdrop of polls suggesting that the UK people are not too pleased about immigration, the opposition Labor Party has said not much recently on the subject. Earlier, it made efforts to project itself as uncompromising on immigration, by suggesting much more difficult residency tests, besides urging big organizations to sign a trainee for every overseas employee employed.

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