Migrate to Canada — Great Immigration Hotspot

If you wish to know why you should migrate to Canada, then you will be perhaps rather amazed to know that there are 1000s of reasons. Today, migration has become a very popular act. And, in search of better job opportunities and/or pursue higher degree, a large number of people from across the globe–especially the developing and developed nations–migrate to the foreign shores to some specific nations, such as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

migrate to canada

When people think of migration, they take into consideration many crucial and decisive factors, such as the standard of living, job prospects, social security, discrimination free peaceful society, cost of living, etc. Though many countries of the world meet such parameters, there is one particular country that has won the hearts of the millions of migrants, and that is–well, you guessed it right–the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, Canada.

How good is Canada for migrants?

The nation is highly developed with a strong and thriving economy. If you are migrating there–especially from a developing or developed country–then you will surely thank your stars for taking such a good and life-changing decision.

The key things that you will be pleased to experience there in are cultural diversity and extremely tolerant society. The famous overseas immigration hotspot is pretty diverse and secular in nature. You will get to interact with the people from different backgrounds, cultures, races, colors, languages, and religions. And the experience will be quite amazing and very beautiful, specifically for the migrants from India.

Life in Canada

If you are looking for a highly paid and rewarding job or investment opportunity, quality lifestyle, incredible economic growth, well developed infrastructure, and exotic locations, then maybe no other country can offer you all this, except Canada. No wonder, life in Maple Leaf Country is extremely satisfying. And, if you talk about the cost of living and accommodation, it’s quite reasonable as compared to any other developed nation; for instance, Australia.

High Employment Rate

Because of its high ageing population the country often faces a serious shortage of skilled workers across its various provinces. Thus trained migrants–looking for an opportunity to settle in the country–are preferred the most.

If you have entered the nation without a job offer, initially it may be rather difficult for you to find the right opportunity or job. But the right applicant can easily overcome the situation, and make the most the opportunity and multiply his income. Some specific qualified employees–such as doctors, engineers, IT experts, accountants, and software developers–are highly in demand in the hotspot.

Flexible and Transparent Immigrant Friendly Programmes

As it is too well known, the Maple Leaf Country is an immigrant friendly country, and it has immigrant friendly policies as well courtesy the new liberal government. It’s not only relatively easy for the candidates to successfully apply for a visa it’s also much easier to follow the visa and immigration procedure of the nation.

Migrate to Canada

If the country fascinates you, and you want to move to it, then you must know about its immigration programmes. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the apex body responsible for running the visa and immigration affairs for the nation–has introduced numerous easy-to-follow immigration programmes which makes it easy for you to migrate to Canada.

Last year, the IRCC introduced ‘Express Entry’, an electronic system to manage the flow of immigrants to the country and meet the shortage of skilled workers. Express Entry basically covers four major economic programmes of the country–the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, the Canadian Experience Class, and certain portion of provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

If you wish to live and work in a specific province/territory of the nation, you can apply under the PNP, but if you are keen to live and work in Quebec, then you can submit an application using the widely used and the much talked about Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP). The choice is yours.

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