More Asylum Seekers in Western Australia Mining Town!

Reports have confirmed that more and more asylum seekers from various countries including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Iran landed at Leonora and the government has given its nod for transferring them.

Various planes filled with plenty of asylum seekers, including both genders and children and various age groups landed in the WA gold mining town. The groups consist of the clan who were detained on Christmas Island but now have been brought up at Leonora.

According to a spokesperson from the Leonora Recreation and Aquatic Centre, they would team up with the Immigration Department and would come out with various activities to keep the asylum seekers occupied and busy. Some of these activities include outdoor games and indoor soccer. He confirmed that these things would not affect the people on street!

Reports say that the asylum seekers have been brought from stiffed Christmas Island, a place which receives plenty of asylum seekers every year. Not to forget the boat people who travel in flocks at the Christmas Island.

Leonora has been made a temporary arrangement for as long as 200 people, provided the asylum seekers are ready to cope with the scenario. Immigration Minister Chris Evans has confirmed that the place is decked with comfort factor and is safe too! The site would be used for six months and later the government would come out with options for a long term detention site.

For time being, Leonora would serve as a perfect site for keeping the overflowing asylum seekers from all over the world!

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