UK, the Safe Haven for War Criminals!

Here is another instance of United Kingdom’s former Labor government’s failure. There are reports that the nation has housed about hundred criminal suspects who involved themselves in war for over five years and it had been able to remove them from the nation. These people were suspected to take part in civilian murders, mass rape, torture, along with a number of other crimes. Reportedly, the identity of these criminals has come into lights only at the time when they were applying for British citizenships.

The issue raises here is that, in order to be able to apply for UK citizenship, they certainly have lived in the nation for a minimum of 5 years. Along with that they have been provided all the rights to live in the UK and other as all UK residents are entitled to. The sheer failure of the former government came into lights when a report of how many suspected war criminals had been denied applications for British citizenships in 2008-09.

According to a government official, a policy has been considering to deport such criminals from the UK. However, the new Coalition government has been reviewing whether the country needs amendments in its immigration law or implementation of the existing powers would work. Anyway, the government will make sure that the UK cannot be considered a safe haven for war criminals! This happens to be one of the challenges that await the new government. It would really be a significant step by the David Cameron-led UK government to weed out war criminals from the nation!

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