Universities in Australia: ANU

Overseas education has become the need of today’s rising competition and it gives a wider exposure to students who come from foreign land. It helps the students to become more sensitive and tolerant towards different cultures, make them more independent and mature enough to handle various situations.

In the last few years, Australia has made a special place for itself among those countries that provide overseas education to foreigners. With high level of excellence and quality education along with practical training, it has become the hub for overseas students.

There are many reputed universities in Australia which offer ample exposure to polish one’s skills and talents. Amongst them is the Australian National University (ANU) which is the topmost followed by the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne which are rated as second and third most popular universities respectively.

ANU has international links with universities in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia and as the only Australian member of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). The IARU is a confederation of ten of the world’s leading research universities. The University is involved in collaborative projects with organizations ranging from NASA to those from the European Union.

ANU is specially known for its courses in the field of research and scientific development. One of its most popular courses is the Bachelors in Computational Science which provides Practical Mathematical and Software Engineering training. Those intending to make a mark in the field of science and research or engineering, then ANU should fall into the top places of their priority list.

The work culture of Australia is quite student friendly and one can also continue to work part time (to earn their pocket money) along with their studies. There are ample opportunities for students to study and work side by side. One can find jobs on the campus as well as jobs in retail, hospitality and the administration department. With all these benefits of Australian education and beautiful landscape with a glorious climate, Australia is definitely a destination for all.

Incase you are one of those intending to study in Australia and you are not a citizen of the nation, you require a study visa to live and study in the nation. It is best recommended that you consult an Immigration Specialist who deals with Australian immigration. He would be the right person who would be updated with all the latest in this regard.

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