Are You Motivated To Apply for Permanent Resident Visa to Canada?

Permanent Resident Visa to Canada

Are you interested in getting Permanent Resident Visa to Canada? You know what—the overseas hotspot a BIG heart and it welcomes all and there is no reason why you cannot make the cut through r one of the PR Visa streams available. Yes, it is true! Check this blog based on some news reports and you will learn why when it comes to harboring the PR Visa seekers on humanitarian grounds few nations can really match the generosity exhibited by the Maple Leaf Country.

Permanent Resident Visa to Canada
Permanent Resident Visa to Canada

This takes us to the new reports involving Rohingyas from Myanmar!

The large exodus of the Rohingyas from the country in question has certainly brought the humanity to shame with many lives being lost at the helm of the authoritarian regime of Aung San Su Kyi. Most of the Rohingya Muslims have shared the horrendous experience that they have been subjected to with the declaration by the incumbent Aung San Su Kyi Government to unleash the witch-hunt.

But all over again Canada has shown a bigger heart to help them during the time of need. With the Permanent Resident Visa to Canada, the population that have been subjected to hate crime and ethnic cleaning will rise up and shine in the best country in the world at present—Canada.

It has not been long when Mohammed Tayab, a Rohingya Muslim migrated from Myanmar to Winnipeg in the Maple Leaf Country. Upon landing in the overseas the first experience that he got was of safety and security. The Rohingyas in Myanmar have been tormented that that extent that they are willing to barter peace and sleep with food and luxuries.

In that particular year almost 300,000 Rohingyas fled to the neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Nepal and some of them even managed to get through to India. The United Nations (UN) has come up hard, and it has vehemently condemned such an act. However, since the UN has been barred from entry to Myanmar, it is not in their hands to manage this crisis and come up with a plausible solution.

The satellite images have been released, and as per the images almost 2, 70,000 Rohingyas have already lost their homes and have been compelled to migrate to alien country. The scenario has turned abysmally grim at this juncture and the petition has been evoked in Canada to scrap honorary Canadian Citizenship to Aung San Su Kyi–a noble peace prize winner.

But Ottawa t has been cautious to not annoy India by supporting the Rohingyas who are completely debarred from entering India. The economic relation of India and Canada has been maturating very fast and in no way Canada will like to tamper with that. Amid such a crisis where the Rohingyas have called for help from the different elite nations, it will be an interesting game of diplomacy to see how the geo-political world order will immediately respond to the crisis in Myanmar.

Though at the beginning of this crisis Canada was focused at helping the population who have been subjected to the hate crime and ethnic cleansing meet with the much needed solutions, at present there are many like Tayab who are waiting to be helped by the world and Canada’s Permanent Resident Programme can easily help them face this scenario, but the million dollar question is will Canada act during this crisis?

Going by the nation’s past records it can be said with certainty that Ottawa will not let down the persecuted and the oppressed and accommodate them the way it has been doing since long. You too can find a home in the country though you it is not required that you have to come with a troubled background for that.

You can get a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada using other visa options also up-for-grabs. Check with your immigration consultant, to figure-out how you can get residency in the country inside the shortest possible time and with least trouble!

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