Figure Out Canada Immigration Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker Programme

Canada Immigration Requirements

So, you believe that you must move overseas for a better career and life! Well, if it is so, it will be a really good idea if you think of Canada immigration. And, to shift to your dream destination Canada as a skilled worker, under the nation’s popular Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP), you need to first fulfill the different Canada Immigration Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker Programme!

Canada Immigration Requirements
Canada Immigration Requirements

The Maple Leaf Country, by and large, is a country of immigrants. Among the different Western democracies, Canada is the only nation that is pro-immigrant even as the Canadians have a very positive opinion about those who shift to the hotspot and they view immigration as making positive contributions to the country’s economic progress and development.

The icing on the cake, from the perspectives of the would-be skilled migrants: the hotspot has an aging population, and this taken together with the baby-boomers starting to call it a day, the nation is presently facing a serious dearth of the trained manpower.

Federal Skilled Worker Programme

As the name specifies, the FSWP is basically a Skilled Worker Programme for immigration to the destination. The same seeks to draw and enable the overseas movement of those people who are exceedingly trained in a set or decided occupations list listed by Ottawa (the list covers a broad range, but is somewhat restricted in figure) and comprises some professions, like physiotherapists, engineering managers, and land surveyors, among others.

Therefore, integral to the scheme are a set of professions and skills and a points-based list which enables totals to be decided for every candidate on the basis of those abilities and points that they can harvest for those skills. Consequently, via it, movement to the destination is sought to be made lively, economy-oriented, open and just.

Canada Immigration Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker Programme–Point Breakdown

A maximum of 100 Points are available even while the points needed to make the cut are 67.

You require meeting the Points requirements under these heads to make the grade for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme:

Employment Experience

In order to fulfill the point conditions it is mandatory that you possess not less than 1 year of permanent paid work experience in domains that cater to the different Canadian immigration standards, like managerial jobs, professional occupations, or technical/skilled trades.

Check the National Occupational Classification website for additional details involving the jobs and professions that the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) considers lawful.

A maximum of 21 Points are available under this.


You–as the primary aspirant–will likely require not less than some completed post-secondary education. This is not to rule out the possibility, to an extent, of the fact that the more education you have the better is your chances. Education is an exceedingly crucial feature of the assessment procedure.

A maximum of 25 Points are available under this head.

Language Skills

It is also highly vital even while the two languages that count for points in the Canadian immigration requirements are English & French. If you have fluency in both these some extra points will be offered to you. Still, if you have fluency in one of these, your chances will jump dramatically.

A maximum of 24 Points are up-for-grabs under this head.


Those, who are between 21 and 49 years old, will get 10 points even as 2 points are removed for each year older or younger (to not more than 10 points).

A maximum of 10 Points are available under this head.

Arranged Employment

If you have a permanent job offer from a Canadian recruiter/firm, an extra 10 points will be given to you.

A maximum of 10 Points are available under this head.


Ottawa also considers adaptability while evaluating the candidates. The adaptability class addresses a possible applicant’s apparent capability to adapt rather swiftly to life in the country. Ottawa will award any candidate who either has family members in the Maple Leaf Country or has spent some time either doing a job or pursuing studies there in.

A maximum of 10 Points are up-for-grabs under this head.

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