Focus On Permanent Residency Application for Canada Immigration, Some Negative Stories Circulating Notwithstanding!

Permanent Residency Application for Canada Immigration

If you are eager to make Canada your home, you will have to submit your Permanent Residency application for Canada immigration. As it is too well known, the Maple Leaf Country is a wonderful place, to work and live with your near and dear ones.

The nation, at certain times, though may allegedly appear hostile on the basis of some reports. But one odd development should not ideally be allowed to mar the wonderful reputation of the country as the most welcoming nation in the world, with the best immigration policies and rules.

Permanent Residency Application for Canada Immigration
Permanent Residency Application for Canada Immigration

For example, recently a negative report made headlines before and after a gradual makeshift by the Justin Tradeau Government, but it might be the point of inflexion with which the language of the immigration has been spoken in the country.

Allegedly, the reputation of the Permanent Residency Application in Canada has again nosedived with the latest conflagration where the lives of three have been put into severe jeopardy.

After wealth accumulation, productive investment and multiplication of the savings the Margot family migrated from New Zealand to Canada, to live their dreams. But ever since they applied with Permanent Residency Application for Canada with their savings, the investment has otherwise ended up on a futile note with the winds of deportation gaining traction in their case.

It was almost three years earlier when the Margot family invested in a farm house in East Kent as they had high hopes of raising their two children amid calm and beauty. Dan has been an aviation mechanic with specific skills to work on gas turbines, and after reckoning the unprecedented contribution he can make in the economic and social development of the nation, the immigration authorities were keen to give him a Permanent Residency with sponsorship, to bring his family to the nation and live peacefully there in.

Things were on a brisk note and everything was going as smooth as a cake until the Oil industry in Alberta took a severe blow, and many of the employees along with Dan Margot was laid off with the strike of the pen.

As Dan has always been a skillful employee with unprecedented innovative mind but things went grim when his work visa was on the verge of expiration even while he had no other alternative left but to get deported back to his country of origin.

Things turned out to be harder when the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have a straightway rejection to the Margot family that their visa will not be extended for even one day, and they will have to return back to their country by the fall of the next day.

These things have also put the future of the two girls of Dan Margot at stake as they have been also included in the deportation list, and it would deal a severe blow on their emotions and attachment with the country and friends that they will have to leave behind.

Such challenges have had a share of scar on the lives of the people like Dan, but things have been changing with the different awareness programmes. With the Permanent Residency application to Canada getting rejected and many immigrants having had no other alternative to get things sorted, the ARC or Authorization to Return to Canada can be the bail-out option based on which the immigrants can bank upon.

Though the ARC is not easy nuts to crack, with the best legal support and guide given by the expert and experienced immigration agents, it will not be really tough for the different families like Dan to fight for their rights.

Remember: you will not find a better overseas destination to move to, on a permanent basis, than the Maple Leaf Country. Speak to your immigration consultant to get as much information as possible on the Permanent Residency Application for Canada immigration, and begin to arrange your luggage and the different required stuffs, for a new and better life in the amazing overseas hotspot.

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