Migration Visa Canada & Global Talent Stream Programme

Migration Visa Canada

Canada has always resonated well with Indians as compared to any other country in the world, and the latest developments have always motivated Indians to move towards this country. The rapport between the Justin Tradeau and Narendra Modi Government has picked up pace even as it has outrun the Chinese immigrants in the Maple Leaf Country. Migration Visa to Canada from India has a greater approval as compared to that of Chinese applicants.

Migration Visa Canada
Migration Visa to Canada

Take a look at this piece that will discuss about the Global Talent Stream Programme that will change the face of Canadian immigration!

Coming back to the discussion, as per the latest statistics, that have been revealed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) it has been concluded that 13,670 Indians have obtained the Work Visa that has been directed towards Canada. At the same time, its counterpart China managed to bag just 8,680 immigrants who were willing to move to the destination on a Skilled Worker Visa.

The same trend has prevailed as far as the Migration Visa to Canada for the temporary foreign skilled worker is concerned. Under the Temporary Foreign Skilled Worker Visa Programme, 2,190 Indians have already obtained the visa whereas the applicants from China stand at a paltry number of just 635. Even in the preceding years the immigration to Canada has fascinated the Indians the most, as compared to that of the Chinese.

The International Mobility Programme reached a new height when in the year 2016 30,850 candidates from India moved to the Maple Leaf Country on a Skilled Worker Visa. With such a figure the year-on-year calculation concluded as far as the Indian immigration is concerned that almost 50% hike on the numbers have been concluded after analyzing the trends and the determinants compelling immigration to the hotspot.

The half-yearly data released by the IRCC reveals that shows a surge in the numbers of the Permanent Residence (PR) holders in the Maple Leaf Country represented immigrants from Philippines and India. As per the statistics almost 2.96 lakh applicants received the prized PR status and out of that 2.96 lakh 13% of the applicants came from–well, you guessed it right–India.

As Canada has been moving to integrate a new programme in its system known as the Global Talent Stream Programme, once the scheme will be in force it will do away with labor market skill assessment. Once that has been achieved it will certainly open more doors towards bringing skilled and energetic work force to the nation.

The GTSP has already covered 10 occupations and once it has been brought into force it will be easier for the economy of the Maple Leaf Country to handpick the best professionals who can easily bring about a social and economic benefit in the country.

Migration Visa to Canada will soon rely on GTSP and even managerial and executive level professionals can easily visit Canada on the temporary Global Talent Stream Programme where they can end up at the Maple Leaf Country discussing on some ground breaking projects.

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