Is Skilled Immigration Canada Losing Its Sheen?

Skilled Immigration Canada

Skilled immigration to Canada is a noble pursuit which most of the overseas immigration motivated aspirants wish to make them come true. But amid hostilities and lack of trust shown by the people in an alien country, most of the candidates have found it hard to get associated with the kind of job that they have applied for.

It was a rather slow day to begin with for a person amid the traffic jam and this fall he made it home to Toronto from British Columbia (BC) where he is reportedly working as a doctor. On his way home from the airport he just made friends with the cabbie driving him home. The man was a Punjabi from India–a proactive member of the immigrant group who has been given with the responsibility of ferrying people from one place to another.

Skilled Immigration Canada
Skilled Immigration Canada

Though it was kind of vague to see him drive the car as it was apparent by the way the cabbie behaved that he had a good education background. Upon a conversation breaking the layer from being a regular chit-chat to an intimate one where he shared his life experience in Canada it was found out that the cabbie had a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but as the company with which he was associated gradually shutdown leading to lay-off, he was brought to such a sordid state of ferrying people from one place to another.

Conversation with the cabbie reminded the person of the ground-breaking changes that Donald Trump introduced after sweeping the presidential elections and coming to power. The American immigration model has changed after the said election.

Back then, when under the Obama administration priority was given to family union but things have taken a drastic turn with the presidential elect Donald Trump moving towards just skilled immigration for the United States. Under no circumstances Donald Trump would be ready to live with the fact that family unification will gradually eat upon the indigenous demand for workers in America. His dream of “Make America Great Again” is not based upon emotional analysis and humanity rather on rationality and profitability.

Coming back to Canada, it, to an extent, has also been moving more towards an American way of life. In the Maple Leaf Country, there is no specific entry through asylum or refugees, rather, you as an immigrant will have to be hell bound to move only on skilled visas to make it to the nation. Skilled immigration to Canada is the new language spoken by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC).

The rhetoric of the skilled immigration identified with a flaunting skill Points Calculator which only two countries follow must be put under the scanner. As many immigrants moving under the skilled immigration visa to Canada have had their share of bitter experience, and they ended up on a not-so-fairy tale, like the cabbie.

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