Permanent Residency in Canada

Permanent Residency in Canada

Immigration has always been credited with good stories and bad stories. The former are associated with the Permanent Residency (PR) application getting approved, whereas, the latter are related with the deportation turning out into a reality. But after a long time some good news is in the air from Canadian immigration where Permanent Residency in Canada has helped unite a specific family of seven living in two different continents after a dreadful 3 years of time.

The story revolves around a person who was from Nigeria but she came on a job-seeker visa to the Maple Leaf Country to first appear for the nursing exam and then later on once she gets the job she was about to welcome her family. But fate played a troubled game with her, post she submitted an application for the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Programme.

Permanent Residency in Canada
Permanent Residency in Canada

In the initial stage after getting the visa streamlined it was a difficult task altogether to manage with all the paper works as the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) was specific about the immigration process, and they told that in order to get the Canada PR Visa on which she can sponsor her family, it will take 3 months to get everything done.

However, it all ended up in hot waters when the application almost took 3 years to get processed, and rightfully a probable solution was crafted for the smooth movement of the family from one continent to another after that. At the moment she has been united with her family of 7 members including her.

The moments were real but few insights from her quote reveal her trauma after her 3 years long tryst with the challenges and finally emerging victorious with the help from the Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Programme that helped her to sponsor her family for Canada.

But the spirit of Canada’s diplomacy maturing at the global level was shown by the splendid welcome that she obtained at the airport upon landing in the country with her family.

The view upon the unification of the family reached a new crescendo with the exchange of smiles on everyone’s face even while it was not very hard for her to believe that ‘the Land of Endless Opportunities’ has never failed to enchant and surprise the immigrants.

Every year, 1000s move to the Maple Leaf Country on a PR Visa for Permanent Residency in Canada even as they have high hopes with respect to the Canadian immigration infrastructure and facility management, but instances like this completely compel to change the perception. The IRCC has been working towards bettering the prospects in the near future.

Check with your visa service provider to figure out how you can receive Permanent Residency in Canada without any difficulties and roadblocks!

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