Are You Motivated With Poland Immigration?

Poland Immigration

Poland–the centrally located European country–has over 38.5 million people. It shares its geographical borders with as many as seven nations, namely, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Poland Immigration is on high demand in migrants.

Areas wise, it’s the 9th largest country of Europe, and invites migrants from across the globe on different grounds. Poland Immigration may proffer an excellent gateway to the Schenchen countries. Polish is the officially spoken language of the nation.

Poland Immigration
Poland immigration

Significantly, Poland is the only member of the European Union (EU) that did not come into the clutch of downturn that economically rocked the world not too long back. As per the Polish Ministry of Economy, the nation successfully faced the economic hurricane thanks to the comparatively high domestic demand and thanks to the fact that foreign trade makes up a tiny share of its GDP.

If Poland Immigration is in your mind, then check its various migration plans that make the entire immigration and visa process to the overseas hotspot easier and more convenient.

Talking of the migration plans, Poland Business Programme is one such gateway that opens up entry to the extensively loved destination.

As the name itself says, business programme is a scheme using which an applicant starts with a business or continues with the existing venture, with the sole aim of making an addition to the economy. When the applicant is able to do so, then in return, he is proffered with the prized Permanent Residency (PR) in the country, allowing him to enjoy the various rights and privileges that are enjoyed by the residents. Every country has different set of norms to satisfy and qualify for its PR.

Why Poland Immigration?

The country has numerous qualities that entice migrants to claim it as their new home. Let’s check some of them!

  1. As mentioned before, it is a member of the European Union (EU).
  2. Usually, many tourists pick up the place for its beautiful location. Its central geographical location attracts the attention of the majority of migration-seekers.
  3. Though its average income is lesser than the other EU member states, it is rightly compensated with low cost of living.
  4. One of the worth mentioning features of the nation is its amazingly high standard of living.
  5. Best of all: it offers quality free education to its residents.

Types of Poland Immigration Visa

Typically, most of the countries offer temporary and permanent visas and Poland is no different. To successfully claim the former, an applicant needs to prove that he would stay for more than 3 months in the country. This stay may be for business, study, employment or for family reunifications.

Temporary Poland Immigration Visa

There are certain features of the Temporary Visa-

  1. These are issued for a period of 2 years maximum.
  2. On the successful completion of the 2 years, the applicant can renew the visa again for a period of another 2 years.
  3. The application for a visa is to be submitted at the Polish consulate in the applicant’s residing country.

Permanent Residence Visa (PRV)

  1. This specific visa category allows the applicant to live legally in the country.
  2. These allow the applicant to freely travel in the nation. He may enter and exit whenever he pleases to do so.
  3. The dependents and spouse of the migrant need to apply separately for the visa, if they wish to live in the country with the primary migrant.

Key Requirements of Poland Immigration

The visa authorities ask for certain documents to grant an applicant with the residence permit in question-

  1. He needs to submit his proof of polish accommodation.
  2. The relevant business and other details pertaining to the business that an aspirant may have planned to start in the country.
  3. It is expected that the businessman applicant is capable of meeting his living expenses in the country till his business gets established and he needs to submit proofs showing his capability to do so.

Time Period: It takes 10 – 60 days for an application to get processed.

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