Looking For Investment Programme Manitoba?

Investment Programme Manitoba

Gone are the days when the foreign investors usually headed to some specific destinations only, like the UK, the US, Singapore, Australia, etc. For the past several years, they seem to have found a new destination and fallen in love with it, and it is none other than the Maple Leaf Country, Canada. Looking For Lucrative Opportunities in Canada? Go For Investment Programme Manitoba.

This North American Country has three territories and 10 provinces, and here we are talking about the Prairie Province Manitoba. With a population of more than 1 million people, the region receives the largest number of applications from the foreign investors.

Investment Programme Manitoba
Investment Programme Manitoba

Why Investment Programme Manitoba?

The province is proud of its diverse economy the dominant features of which are rich natural resources, highly fertile land, mixed farming, hydro-electric capacity, and highly educated manpower.

Manitoba has something or the other for every foreign investor. It’s quite easy to figure-out why foreign investors, in search of better investment opportunities and exceptional lifestyle, make the province their home ground.

It is a province of inland seas and waves of grain, highly developed research and enchanting historic sites, and home to innovators in business, science and the arts. Whether it is fibre-optic cable, or air, or rail, or road or sea, the province is perfectly linked to markets across the globe.

It is a place that provides the benefits of big-city life, minus the drawbacks. With not-too-high costs for land and electricity, and some of the most reasonably priced accommodation in the nation, this province is a place where you get your money’s worth.

In addition, the province has great strength in its wealth of hydroelectric power, diverse manufacturing base, rich mineral resources and fertile soil. Still, the greatest strength resides in the local people who maintain the values of community and responsibility.

Investment Programme Manitoba

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme-Business Immigration (MPNP-B) is an easy pathway for those looking for an opportunity to invest in a thriving economy like Manitoba. Foreign investors come to the province as permanent residents, either by establishing a completely new business venture or investing in an existing one that holds the possibility to bring economic prosperity for them and the province.

An eligible applicant, under the MPNP-B, gets an opportunity to immigrate to Manitoba as a permanent resident along with their family, i.e., spouse and dependents children.

MPNP-B—Key Objectives

Like many other Provincial Programmes, the MPNP-B is an outcome of the mutual agreement between the province and the Federal Government. It was been developed with the sole objective of making the Manitoban economy strong. Those who have the capability to invest in the province and enthusiastically participate in the regular activities in a new or existing business are most valuable and encouraged the most to come to the province.

The MPNP-B gets accelerated once the applicant is issued a ‘Nomination certificate’. Hereafter, the application catches the speed and the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processes the application at the earliest.

Investment Programme Manitoba MPNP-B–Points to Remember

  1. Personal net worth required: 350,000 Canadian Dollars
  2. Refundable Deposit: 100,000 Canadian Dollars
  3. Minimum Investment: If investing in an existing venture the required amount is 150,000 Canadian Dollars as asset and overall control of at least 1/3 of equity, and if investing in a new venture the required amount is 1,000,000 Canadian Dollars of equity investment.
  4. Required Experience: Complete ownership and management experience or an experience at the executive level for three years in the last five years in a successfully venture.
  5. Business Plan: The Manitoba Government asks for a detailed business plan before the PR Visa is granted.
  6. Exploratory Visit: It is not mandatory but recommended.
  7. Personal Interview: Compulsory
  8. Additional Requirements: It is obligatory to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and score minimum 60 points on the assessment grid.

Manitoba Government will like to accept applicants and nominates them to the IRCC for PR Visa provided they successfully meet the eligibility criteria. However, their agreement with the Federal Government is limited and the number of investor immigrants to be nominated is restricted annually. Given this, only those who are most capable will be given preference.

The candidates who get nomination from the province will have to submit an application for an Immigrant Visa via a Canadian Visa Bureau for security & medical clearance.

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