Investment Programme Poland – What Are Key Requirements?

Investment Programme Poland

For the past couple of years, the Eastern European Country of Poland has emerged as a good destination for making profitable investments and running rewarding businesses. As per a report, it is one of the most popular destinations for the foreign investors in Europe eve as the republic is also one of the 10 leading global economies. Investment Programme Poland is one of the best business programme in Europe.

Indeed, now the republic is an economically strong even as it has strengthened its position on the global map as a hotspot for investment. The country is fairly proud of its rich history and the bank of talented and educated workforce, not to mention vibrant service sector, and business friendly environment.

Why Immigrate to Poland?

This Eastern European nation is a member of the European Union (EU). It is regarded a noticeable location for the overseas people to live in, thanks to its central geographical location inside Europe.

Despite the fact that the nation’s average income rate is lower, vis-à-vis other member states in the EU, the republic adopts a much lower rate of living costs to complement it. The nation further provides a rather high standard of education, minus any charges, to its every resident.

The USP of the nation is its political and economic stability and huge domestic market. During the global economic crisis, that shook the whole world a few years back, Poland stood firm and maintained its economic position not only in Europe but the whole world. When the entire battled against downturn, Poland offered a safe haven to the foreign investors.

Investment Programme Poland

It attracts the global community of investors and businessmen. Way back in 2012, the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk introduced the country’s ‘Polish Investment’ Programme with the aim to boost the growth rate of foreign investments in the various long term infrastructure projects running in the country.

Numerous individuals take investment immigration in case they wish to invest their money in Poland where they wish to become a permanent resident. Such an investment is usually made for the benefit of Poland where the candidates seek residency in. You ought to receive the Poland Investor Visa or Entrepreneur Visa.

The most common way to move to the nation as a business immigrant is by opening a new company in one’s name. There are only two types of firms to be opened by the prospective investor immigrants and that are: Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Joint Stock Company.

Regular business activities are monitored as per the amended laws introduced in July 2004, based on the unbiased motto of ‘freedom of economic activity’, and when it comes to capital ratio, you have a choice either to own the company fully or partially in partnership with a citizen of the nation.

Many foreign investors see it as an easy way to make their base in Europe. Once you have formed a firm/venture and completed other legal formalities, you will get a Business and Work Visa under national visa ‘D’ category.

And once you start earning profits on your investments and are successfully able to create new opportunities for Polish citizens, you will be treated as a valuable immigrant and granted the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). With this visa, you will get to enjoy a restriction-free travel to the various Schengen member countries, for maximum of three months during the six months time period.

Investment Programme Poland: Major Requirements

The prospective investor-immigrant must meet the following requirements:

  1. He must be fluent in the three formats of English, i.e., oral, verbal and written.
  2. He must be an experienced business professional.
  3. He must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree and have good interpersonal skills.
  4. In the past he must not have been rejected a Schengen Visa.

Where to Invest in Poland?

While its popular cities–like Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznan–have emerged as the major economic hubs for the foreign investors, you are still encouraged to make an investment in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The reason: in the SEZ you can run your newly established company easily with no worry of income liability tax. Plus, you will also be exempted from the property tax. What’s more: you can purchase land at a relatively low price from the market rate.

What else can you ask? The Polish Government will provide you complete assistance while completing the paper formalities.

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