New Brunswick Investment Programme – Canada

New Brunswick Investment Programme

Canadian Residency is something that one wants to acquire when they think of Canada Immigration. Do you know you can easily acquire the same through the New Brunswick Investment Programme Canada? The constitutionally bilingual province is smallest out of the three Maritime Provinces. It offers innumerable benefits to the investor-immigrants keen to invest here.

Several successful companies have discovered the country’s best kept investment secret and that is New Brunswick. It offers everything that the investor requires to expand and make easy profit, thus, success is natural here.

New Brunswick Investment Programme
New Brunswick Investment Programme

The smallest province is located on the country’s East Coast and easily accessible through sea, land and air. Given this, the business cost is low not only in Canada but among its neighboring country the US also. Well educated workforce is its USP and thus the province naturally becomes an easy choice for foreign investors.

The New Brunswick PNP

It is comparatively small, as it is one of the smallest Canadian provinces. This is an altogether different issue that its business scheme enjoys widespread popularity and happens to be one of the most well-liked also.

The PNP immigration schemes of the province are categorized into three streams, namely, one class for the candidates with employment offers, one class for candidates with a family member in the province, and one class for the candidates planning to invest in a business undertaking in the province.

Here, we will discuss the number three, namely, the New Brunswick Investment Programme.

New Brunswick Investment Programme

Numerous provinces run and manage entrepreneur classes whereby an individual submits an application for the much sought after Permanent Residence in Canada, on the foundation of an investment in a business undertaking inside the province. The exceptional component to the PNP stream of New Brunswick is that it boasts of the lowest minimum investment condition across all Canadian provinces.

To make the cut under the stream, applicants are required to score minimum passing marks, i.e., 50 points. Points can be earned on the basis of various factors, such as experience, language proficiency, age, adaptability, and education.

Besides, the applicant must also fulfill the following requirements:

  1. He must possess a personal net worth of 300,000 Canadian Dollars,
  2. He must intend to make an investment of 125,000 Canadian Dollars and dynamically participate in business activities.
  3. He must have an experience of three years in the last five years at the management level.
  4. He must submit a detailed business proposal and also demonstrate that he has a good understanding of the province’s business environment.
  5. He must make an exploratory visit of at least five days to explore the province’s business landscape and meet the concerned Immigration Program Officer.
  6. He must present a language score to illustrate language proficiency.
  7. He must make a deposit of 75,000 Canadian Dollars as a security deposit to the New Brunswick Government assuring that the required investment will be made within two years of acquiring the country’s Permanent Residence (PR). The security deposit is refundable without any accumulated interest on it.

Additional Eligibility Criteria for New Brunswick Investment Programme

It is essential that prospective investors meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. He must be between the age group of 22 and 50 years.
  2. He must be fluent either in English or French.
  3. He must intend to live and work in Brunswick permanently.
  4. He must possess the required net worth acquired legally, along with the investment amount and security deposit.
  5. He must present a detailed business plan and make a five days exploratory visit to the province.
  6. He must score the minimum passing score on the selection grid.

What is the tax rate?

The province has relatively low corporate tax rate in entire Atlantic Canada and is most competitive as compared to other Canadian provinces.


New Brunswick has excellent winning workforce.

  1. Over 85% of its population has passed high school graduation.
  2. Over 60% of its workers are either trained or have some level of post high school degree.
  3. Nearly, one third of its population is bilingual.

Note: For the time being, the scheme has been suspended.

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