Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

Are you an enterprising businessman or investor, and wish to migrate to the dream destination of Canada, and get its Permanent Residence (PR) status, without any major difficulties, and inside a short period of time? If yes, you must think of the Canadian Territory of Yukon, submit an application for the Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa, and get it.

Getting PR in a highly developed global economy, such as Canada, is like a dream come true. There is no other destination in the world which offers so much support and help to the overseas entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen as the Maple Leaf Country. Maybe because it knows the valuable contributions that they make to the Canadian economy.

Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa
Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

Provincial Entrepreneur Programmes

Canada runs and manages several attractive visa and immigration schemes for the talented businessmen and investors–both at the national and the regional levels. At the latter level, it does so under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

The PNP enables the different provincial governments to pick-up immigrants as per the specific economic needs of the concerned province. It establishes its own standards and procedures by which it selects its nominees; and makes an effort to offer nomination to those applicants who would be most expected to settle successfully into the economic and social life of the area.

It needs to be mentioned that the unlike the Canadian federal programme, the PNP is not points tested.

Mid-range net worth individuals with appropriate entrepreneurial experience could be qualified to submit an application under the one of several Provincial Entrepreneur Programmes.

At present, the Entrepreneur Schemes are run and managed by the nation’s individual provinces even as these follow a two-step procedure to Permanent Residence (PR).

The candidates are initially selected or nominated by a province, in case they fulfill the scheme’s various terms & conditions. And on the basis of that nomination or selection, they can afterwards submit an application to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the prized PR status.

There are many provinces and territories which manage their own business immigration schemes which necessitate e active involvement in the administration of a business based on a specified investment and employment generation.

Though the plans vary in the requirements to succeed, normally they refer to a minimum net worth in the area of 350,000 Canadian Dollars with applicable management experience. Some of the schemes necessitate a good will deposit which is returnable once the business has been set up.

Under the PNP, candidates first present a petition to get nomination from a province, and on the basis of that nomination, may get PR in the wake of the Federal health & criminality checks.

Yukon Provincial Nomination Programme (YPNP)

The Business Nominee Scheme of the territory first nominates successful aspirants for a Work Permit legally valid for a period of two years. Through the validity time-frame of the Work Permit, the aspirants have to establish their planned firm/venture in the territory. Only then are they are given nomination for the PR status.

It is mandatory that the successful candidates prove a lawfully acquired personal net worth of 250,000 Canadian Dollars, possess pertinent business management experience, and make an active investment of a minimum of 150,000 Canadian Dollars into a local firm/venture. Candidates are also evaluated on the basis of some specific factors, like age, language skills, education, and prior trips to the region.

In case you wish to migrate to Maple Leaf Country, to stay and offer your professional services there in, on a permanent residence basis, using the Yukon Provincial Nominee Programme Path, then you have two good options–you can move to the Yukon as either a trained employee or as a self-employed individual.

Successful applicants will get a Yukon Nomination Certificate. It will improve the pace of the Canada Immigration PR Visa petition procedure.

There are two categories under the Yukon Business Nominee Programme:

Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

With a view to get the Yukon Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa, the candidates must have:

  1. Made an investment of a minimum of 150,000 Canadian Dollars equity into either launching or purchasing a firm/venture.
  2. A personal net value of not less than 250,000.00 Canadian Dollars.
  3. Made a trip to the region not less than once before presenting the application.
  4. Elementary communication skills in one of the two official languages of the nation, namely, English and French.
  5. The obligatory experience and education to effectively apply the business plan.

Professional Self-Employed

In order to make the grade as a professional self-employed person, the candidate must:

  1. Satisfy a certification or accreditation requirement for the specific job or line-of-work.
  2. Have a job or line-of-work that has been given as a professional skill scarcity.
  3. Be duly licensed/accepted by the organization administering the vocation, in case appropriate.
  4. Be in a position to carry-out elementary communications in the official language of the workstation.
  5. Make a trip to the Yukon to know and have an understanding of the social, economic, & weather situations of the region.
  6. Demonstrate that he has adequate financial resources to launch and run the professional practice, and to fund self and any dependents, for a time-frame of six months.
  7. Present a comprehensive business plan for the venture or practice.

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