Nailing the Source of Immigration Crime!

For all those prospective immigrants, it is important for them to know the extent to which people are ready to take risks in order to have a better standard of living. There are people who are ready to go through the harsh journey in the trans-Pacific which has been proved by the Tamil refugees recently.

In order to stop such illegal migration, Jason Kenney, the Canadian Immigration Minister has decided to nail the source for infiltrations including those of sham marriages, fraudulent immigration agents and those involved in human trafficking. This would definitely require a strategy that could be implemented both nationally and internationally in order to be effective.

When it comes to immigrants from Asia, Canada is amongst the nations which are most favored. So, a visit by Mr. Kenney to these nations would definitely aid in channeling resources to fight this group.

At the same time, this visit is also important in order to stop the crimes related to immigration. Reforms which include security issues especially with the designation of being a Safe Country are important here. This is one of the aspects of the process of refugee determination along with those changes which are pending regarding the migration agents as well as regimes pertaining to live-in caregivers.

On the other hand, human trafficking is another issue of much concern. Thailand is one of the main points for transits for illegal migration especially for Tamils coming from Sri Lanka. Despite not visiting Thailand, the minister can always establish the need for sharing information along with regional security cooperation with the Chinese and Indians.

Above all, when it comes to immigration and crime, it is one such problem which can be considered as being global. As of now, those who have committed crimes have always proved to be quicker that the national governments.

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