New Entrepreneur Visa in UK!

The Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron would soon be announcing a new type of visa known as the Entrepreneur Visa. This visa would permit those migrants who have a business idea which can be considered as being innovating along with investor backing. These migrants would be permitted to live in UK.

The introduction of this new visa seems to have come about as a response to the raising concerns by many businesses and academicians in UK. Concerns have been that this cap would do more harm with its restrictive policies in place. This would simply not permit economic growth.

According to the Prime Minister, if a great business idea is in place along with serious investment capabilities from a leading investor, the migrant is more than welcome to set his business in Britain. He said this in a preview of his announcement which was brought out by his office. The government is intends to promote innovating and high growth firms for the future.

Apart from the announcement, more on this program with the specific details would only be announcement next year. As of now, the permanent cap on immigration is set to be implemented from April 2011. However, provisions of this limit have not been announced.

Above all, the immigration cap has created quite a stir for everyone in UK who is directly connected to immigration. Agreed that the new coalition government has kept its promise of limiting immigration but the outcome seems to be unknown or has not exactly been considered.

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