Wild life biologists highly wanted by Canada!

Our wild life is currently facing the greatest threat in the last 65 million years. Our activities have been catastrophic to their existence. More than 1/5th of animals and plant species are currently on the verge of extinction.

The talks or the hi-drama can’t do much; look at the failure of the Copenhagen meet! Our efforts should not be crass careless or short termed, but responsible and nurturing. We need wildlife biologists.

Canada offers tremendous scope for wild life biologists

  • Canada is a vast country with unique topography. With more than 700,000 known species, Canada is ready to import wildlife biologists to conserve its natural diversity
  • Canada has placed wildlife biologists in its priority list, where having a job offer is not a requirement, and speedy visa application is assured

Shortages in the industry for…

  • Wild life biologist
  • Wild life helminthologist
  • Zoologist
  • Wild life naturalist

This close to nature job pays well too…
According to the Canadian labor survey this line can fetch on an average CDN$180 a day.

You are the “hot cake” this time…
You will be picked by federal or provincial agencies.

  • You may work in labs (in-vitro)
  • You can work in field settings (in-vivo)
  • Private companies in biotechnology, environment etc
  • Research agencies (federal or private funds)
  • Universities

Your bit…

  • You need to hold bachelors degree in the relevant biology field
  • You need masters/doctorate in your field to engage in research projects
  • A post doctoral experience will get you placed in an academic career or research as you like it

This profession will surely gain recognition. In the land of opportunities Canada, you will get to know your worth.

Immigrate to a fulfilling life for yourself and the non speaking counterparts of the planet.

We at Abhinav don’t brag about our achievements, they speak for themselves.  But we know that signing with us would be the best decision to take.

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