Migration Limit Not Effective, Say UK MPs!

According to the MPs in UK, the immigration cap which has been brought about would not cater to the targets set by the government to decrease the numbers from the non-EU nations.

As per the Commons Home Affairs Committee consisting of senior MPs group, the intended limit on immigration especially for those coming from nations not belonging to the EU would impact only between 1 and 20 percent of the total migration to the United Kingdom.

In order to reach the target, it is important to reduce the numbers by almost 50 percent. The immigration rate for last year has been 196,000 and reducing this number by tens of thousands within the next five years would be difficult.

As of now, an interim cap has been placed which has limited the numbers of visas being granted to foreign migrants for every month. This number was attained mid way last month. However, the permanent cap on visa would be implemented in April 2011.

On the other hand, the report by the committee says that this limit would not do much to bring about a decrease in the overall immigration numbers. Instead, it would act as a barrier when it comes to business establishments in UK, would not permit world class talent to come into the nation. Above all, the ability of the nation to hire some of the distinguished scientists into universities along with skilled migrants for companies in UK and other public services would be barred.

Phil Woolas, the shadow immigration minister from Labour has called this cap as the worst from both the worlds. He also said that this would not be able to control immigration. However, it would surely damage the economy as well as the universities in the nation.

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