New Legislation Announces Kenney

Jason Kenney, the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism for Canada has announced a new legislation which caters to improve the current system of asylum in Canada. More so, the legislation endeavors quick decisions providing protection to the needy.

According to Jason Kenney, with these amendments, the system of two tier immigration would be prevented. These include the one for the immigrants who wait for years altogether at times to land in Canada while the other is for the asylum seekers whose main aim is to enter Canada.

As per the Minister, this form of balanced reform would cater to both that is increased aid for the refugees who need shelter as well as controlling the many trying to burden the Canadian system. This would help in faster processing and distinguishing between those who actually need help and those who need to be removed from the Canadian grounds.

An average of nineteen months is taken for any asylum claim to reach the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or the IRB. However, with the new plans in place, the current timelines are expected to shorten and all the claimants could get a hearing date from the IRN within the first sixty days.

Above all, this would grant safety to all those who require and make a fresh start in Canada as soon as possible.

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