Pakistani Passports Missing

According to a Pakistani investigating agency, more than 3000 Pakistani passports have been missing, courtesy British High Commission in Pakistan. Also, the latter has affirmed that they have misplaced only 150 travel documents, contrary to what they have been blamed for.

Officials from Pakistan are also blaming the theft of visa stickers from the passports, hence complicating the situation even further. The incidents even point at speculations that some officials from both Pakistan and British authorities might be involved in the scandal, otherwise it would not have been possible that 3000 passports miss out from the authorities without any hint.

Last year, British High Commission planned to send the concerned passports to Abu Dhabi for further approval. According to an investigating officer, there are chances that the BHC were unable to coordinate the applications forms which were received from the BHC, hence resulting into the hustle and bustle of missing passports.

There are fears that the missing passports can get in Al-Qaeda’s hands, leading to further complications and terror attacks.

Also, some applicants have complained that their passports are missing the stickers, hence strengthening the chances of fraud in a majority of cases. While others are complaining that the stickers from their passports were removed while they were in Federal Investigations Agency’s custody.

The British High Commission would need to provide strict answers to all these questions, provided the allegations turn out to be true.

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