New Study Guide Launched by the Canadian Government for Immigrants!

A new and detailed study guide has been launched by the Canadian government. This guide was released by the Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. The guide aptly named as Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship consists of all aspects regarding Canada. This includes on the common values such as democracy, freedom, law and equality for both men and women, human rights and so on. The guide aims at both Canadians as well as the immigrants. The book also enlightens on the country’s history and the notable institutions demonstrating its culture and ethnicity along with the Canadian veterans.

The guide aims to make one and all aware of what it takes to be a citizen of Canada. With this, people are expected to understand the rights and responsibilities of each and every citizen and the resident of the country. This way, people would know of the place where they are living and intend to live.

While developing this guide, many prominent figures in Canada were contacted. Post development, it was again evaluated by different organizations and institutions. Some such institutions include the Historica – Dominion Institute, the Institute of Canadian Citizenship, the Association of Francophone and the Acadian Communities and so on.

The guide has been subject to change after a long gap of almost 15 years. This guide is said to be the one book for all the immigrants to know about Canada. Also, as it is mandatory for all the applicants to demonstrate their knowledge on Canada, this guide simply comes handy.

This initiative could be considered as another feather in the country’s cap, showing its support to all the immigrants and helping them to know more.

Above all, those applicants who are scheduled for an interview or a test before February 2010 must study the older version of this guide which is known as “A Look at Canada”. For those appearing post the above date must read the new version of the same. To know more, contact an Immigration and Visa expert for the details.

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