The Australian Republican Debate!

The much talked about debate about the republican Australia which was thought to be suppressed has come to the surface again. Pressure for another mandate to be held is on the rise.

The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) feels that a large part of the Australian population would be in favor of the mandate. However, the Australian Prime Minister and the Leader of Opposition feel that this is not an apt time to discuss the issue. Here, it has to be remembered that both the leaders have republican views.

A similar mandate was held ten years back in 1999 when two thirds of the Australian citizens voted for the issue. Inspite of it, the motion was denied. According to ARM in a recent poll conducted showed 59% of the citizens preferring Australia to be a republic nation.

The Real Republic Organization head – David Muir feels that as a Republic nation, the country would have a separate identity and would be known as an individual nation. Otherwise, the Queen of the United Kingdom continues to be the head of the government. This way, the national identity is difficult to establish.

However, Mr. Rudd feels that this referendum is not the issue to be discussed with all hype surrounding on the country’s amended immigration policies. Other top officials also agree to it, some feeling that the time would be after the Queen’s reign is over.

Although the views differ for different diplomats, all that could be done is to wait and watch for what might happen next.

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