New Term ought to replace Low Skilled Workers

New Term ought to replace Low Skilled Workers

Many jobs in the market need you to learn new skills, so a salesperson can even try for a managerial position, though he has no experience in running a team before. As a salesperson, they can learn these skills.

Even a graphic designer who has been given a job in animation can learn the ropes. It will be like mastering a brand new set of skills that can help him in advanced learning and secure many employment opportunities. But many jobs are not a part of the white-collar world, falling into the bracket of “low-skilled workers” The policy implications can differ for these groups subject to the dignity given to these sectors of people.

It is not respectable to refer to phrases like low-skilled” or “unskilled” workers, as they easily get included and referred to in economics, politics, and the press, which are in a way insulting the entire group. This term is put on people who are into menial jobs such as making food, child caregivers, cleaners in hospitals and schools, housemaids.

Despite the toil and work they undergo, they are undervalued and not paid enough. Not all people, including highly skilled professionals, cannot do these basic jobs. Though unnoticed, they form fundamental strata of the society as it involves a lot of skill and hard work.

Waiting tables, serving food, washing dishes, plumbing, and carpentry are professions that are not given importance. Who would do these errands as selflessly as these skilled workers do with ease? They go down the drill to keep you healthy, safe and entertained, and we gladly ignore their contribution.

In its new working paper, the National Bureau of Economic Research has proposed a new term for the workers referred to as “low skilled.” This term has been done to counter the regular day-to-day basis faced by these workers.

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