Time taken for issuance of Canada Work Permit

Time taken for issuance of Canada Work Permit

Such is Canada’s business and work scene at the present moment that they heavily rely on the influx of skilled workers as businessmen who migrate to Canada. There is a lack of local talent to fill some of the critical positions in skilled professions which require expertise.

Immigrants who apply for the Canada PR visa via Express entry or provincial nominee programs come to Canada with jobs and eventually become permanent residents of this beautifully diverse nation.

Jobs could be highly skilled, low-skilled, agricultural, or seasonal, depending upon the Canadian province’s current labor demand, nominating you to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. The strength and standing of the Canadian economy hugely depend on the contribution of these skilled immigrants.

What are Work Permits?

A work permit is a document that permits an immigrant or a foreign newcomer to work in Canada up till the most as 24 months. What more, these Canada work permits can be extended in exceptional cases:

These Canada work permits can either be open or close. An Open Work Permit allows an overseas skilled worker to work for any employer in Canada. While a closed work permit only permits the overseas worker to solely work for the name of the company mentioned on the permit. There are certain exceptions about each immigration program, such as the seasonal work permits of 180 days and international mobility, to name some of them.

The duration for Canada Work Permit processing

The average time taken for processing a work permit is usually 1 to 38 weeks based on the county they have applied from and any limitations they have placed. Applying from UAE or Nigeria could take more than the 38 weeks’ time frame. On the other hand, Global Talent Stream LMIA supported work permits shall take two weeks to process no matter where you have applied.

As an employer, ensure that before calling these overseas workers, you have applied for labor market impact assessment (LMIA) and have simultaneously got approval from Service Canada. Without undergoing this process, no Canadian employer can hire foreign workers for their company.

As an overseas worker, you should have a job offer with a positive LMIA from a Canadian employer and prove that you will head back to your country upon the expiry of your work permit. Also, it would be better if you were financially stable to support yourself during your stay in Canada on the work permit, along with being law-abiding and being in the pink of your health.

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