How long does Canada LMIA Application processing take?

In search of permanent work opportunities in Canada, the skilled workers have opted for Canada’s Foreign Work Program. It serves as a gateway for them to become permanent residents of Canada to settle there with family. It gives them peace, safety, and security while enjoying all the social and economic benefits offered by Canada. This program also helps the Canadian economy as it helps employers hire global talent for which there is a shortage in the domestic market.

However, to hire foreign workers, the employers in Canada must undergo Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  Wherein, they must verify that the employer cannot fulfill the job position with local Canadian citizens and there is a need for the foreign worker to come and take up the role. It should be precluded with proof that the employer made genuine efforts to fill the position domestically, such as through advertisements.

The processing time for LMIA can vary from 15 days to a few months, depending upon the individual cases. First and foremost, the more genuine and complete application is filed, the higher the chances of fast processing are higher. At present, ten days of processing is assured by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for three categories, which are –

  • Highly demanded occupations
  • 120 days or less work duration
  • Highly-paid occupations falling under the top 10%

After the employer files for the LMIA application, the ESDC approves the application. A confirmation letter or positive LMIA means that the employer can hire foreign workers to get a job done because it has been verified that there is no Canadian to do the work. Once this confirmation is received, the applicant can apply for a Canada work permit.

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