New Zealand A paradise for skilled immigrants

New Zealand is a nation with a wealth of natural highlights and amiable natives. It is a nature’s paradise with amazing mountain ranges and great green farmlands. The energetic lifestyle and boosting economy are the most probably the reason of surging immigration in New Zealand.

New Zealand invites skilled labors from all parts of the globe under skilled migrant category further branched into two sub-categories. The skilled labors are categorized as immediate need or as part of a prolong strategy to enhance the skill-base of the country. If you qualify on the skilled worker basis, then soon you could find yourself dwelling and working in New Zealand.

The immediate skills shortage list shows the professions that have a high demand in New Zealand. Immigration opportunity can not be denied if you pursue one of the enlisted skills subjected to basic immigration requirement.

The long term skills shortage list displays much the alike highlighting the sectors in which Immigration Department is building a pool of work-force to fulfill the prevailing demands of its society. Individuals working as a professional are eligible to apply under the skilled migrant category. Presently New Zealand requires professionals in the teaching profession primly in the medical and engineering fields as well as in mechanics and carpentry sectors.

Apart from these two categories, there are numerous holiday employment schemes permitting tourists to seek for temporary visas and gather money while they travel. Agricultural and horticultural jobs fall under holiday scheme.

Aspiring for New Zealand immigration under skilled worker scheme, then it is advisable to have a proper go through on the skills list. Take the assistance of a professional visa consultancy for proper guidance and acknowledgement. ABHINAV assists clients wishing to migrate to New Zealand under Skilled Employment Schemes. For a free of charge assessment, please mail your resume to [email protected]

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