$61-million research investment by Canada for Innovation

Canada is going to be the home for top research talents around the world. Around $61-million investment for research works will bolster its rank as a leading destination for the world’s best research fellows.

Science and Technology Minister of State Gary Goodyear has made the announcement and said that the new investment will equip Canadian universities with enhanced facilities and equipments. The same announcement was co-highlighted by Minister of Public Works and Government Services Rona Ambrose at the University of Alberta. “Our country’s research talents are improving the quality of life of Canadians as well as the world and creating new employment opportunities through new discoveries” said Minister Ambrose.

The investment will be made through the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Leaders Opportunity Fund, and will benefit 48 Canadian research institutions. It will enable these universities to attract the top academic talents at the graduate and doctorate levels.

CFI is an independent body of Canadian Government to fund research infrastructure and bolster the capacity of universities, research institutions and non-profit research organizations to perform world-class research and technology development. CFI was created in 1997 and has committed $5.3 billion research investment till date.

Canada is creating better research environment by providing Canadian universities the flexibility they require to lure and retain the best research talents following the intense international competition.

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